Why Choose Our Small Business Accounting Services?

Your Personal Accountant, Inc is a full service accounting/bookkeeping company located in Orem, Utah. We provide bookkeeping, managerial accounting, and tax services for companies in Utah, as well as throughout the country. Clients have chosen to go with us because of the following:

  • Affordable:
  • Personal Attention: We know how important your money is to you and we take this very seriously to give you the personal attention you deserve.
  • Professional: You get professional service and your information is always secure and confidential.
  • Experience: Experience is a great teacher, but it doesn't have to be your experience. Let us share what we have learned over the years to help you avoid some of the financial pitfalls others have taken.
  • Honest: A policy that we work and live by.


My name is Chris Webb, the owner of Your Personal Accountant, Inc.Utah Accountant, and since 2003 I have been dedicated to helping businesses get better organized, make better decisions, and improve their financial situation while understanding how accounting impacts their world.

Most small business owners and the self-employed tend to think they can save a lot of money by wearing as many hats as they can (doing all of the work). Sometimes that is a hard mentality to get over. BUT, the truly successful find a way to devote their time on the things that have the greatest impact on their business, bottom line, and family life and surround themselves with professionals who specialize in the services they offer... and who like what they do! We have solutions to assist you where ever you are at with your business, from startup to getting ready to exit. We would love the opportunity to work with you!

What Some of Our Clients are Saying…